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HEM is an supplier of diamond drilling equipment, core bits, reaming shells, casing shoes and other equipment of all sizes.

HEM uses procurement techniques combined with advanced worldwide distributor network to supply tools that are priced competitively, drill very fast and are long lasting.

Establishing a sales network since 2005 for the mineral exploration, geotechnical and engineering investigation, HEM helps drilling contractors and mines drill straight holes, recover more core and reduce their coring costs, worldwide.
Who We Are

What We Believe

We know drilling is hard work so we believe that the industry needs high-quality solutions that make easier.

We believe in sharing our drilling expertise and knowledge to increase productivity and lower costs.

We believe that innovation needs to be according to customer needs in order to supply great products that revolutionized the marketplace.
Who We Are

Industries We Serve

We have been supplying consumable drilling tools for the industry for the past 15 years. Fifteen years of procurement, sales and marketing network expertise combined with core drilling experience has resulted in the highest quality drilling tools designed to cut faster, straighter and use less energy.

HEM supplies a full line of core drilling equipment that is too excellent to anything made in other parts of the world, at a similar price point.
Who We Are

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Quality Guarantee

A critical part of our procurement process is strict quality screening. With quality control inspections at each stage of procurement we proudly off er 100% warranty on our products.

The HEM Difference
We boast ourselves in not only supply the highest quality drilling tools in the industry, but also offering free advice and consultations on the drilling conditions in your location. For over 15 years we have been growing the productivity of drill fields around the world.

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